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In Leeuwarden, the economic heart of Friesland, there is a lot of activtiiy. From olden time, the agricultural sector has been an important economic driver, and the last few years have seen our economy expand to include water-technology and a high concentration of organisations from the business service sector. Throughout the city there is also now a much stronger student population, from those following MBO courses through to academics, which provides businesses with a stable flow of new talent.

Leeuwarden has space for hundreds of businesses in just De Zwette and De Hemrik. At the moment, De Werp (a brand new, cutting edge business park) is being developed, making for even more business space. From administration-based offices to car part suppliers, and from building markets to waste processing, every business has its place in Leeuwarden. This is partly due to the planning that has gone on: the business parks are safe and all make use of lots of glass in their construction, so that you can stay in contact with the great outdoors.

Indeed, the wide world is, thanks to widescale infrastructure investment, almost literally just round the corner. In no time you can on the motorway, and almost never sit in a queue or jam, and it takes only an hour or so from the Randstad to Leeuwarden's city centre. So, when are you joining us?

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Pieter Postma - Grou

Pieter Postma - Grou

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