Top spot: de Centrale

for entrepreneurs

Leeuwarden is a wonderful place to live, but also a place with an incredibly strong economic infrastructure, as well as a great atmosphere for research and innovation. And, for entrepreneurs, Leeuwarden has a climate for business that rivals all of the biggest cities. Government, education, and businesses are constantly working together, whilst rental prices for both business and residential properties are significantly lower than, for example, the Randstad. There are significant numbers of places in Leeuwarden with outstanding facilities for businesses: one of these is De Centrale- the regional shopping centre for Friesland and one that has over 4 million visitors per year.

Sustainable shopping park - with unique facilities

De Centrale is just outside of the city centre, which is stocked with well-known living, sport, and electrical suppliers, which bring around 4 million visitors per year to the park. At the moment, there is around 35,000 sq m of space, with around 10,000 sq m extra being added in the near future. The shopping park can be thought of as the regional shopping centre for Friesland, and the new expansion plans are likely to cement De Centrale's place for the future.

For many entrepreneurs, De Central is certainly an interesting business location. Why? The park is open seven days per week, sits right next to the city centre, and is very easily accessible by car- with great parking. All 1,400 parking spaces are free. Aside from this, there are freely accessible toilets and also significant numbers of places to eat and drink. What you might not know about the park is that De Centrale is powered by a solar park rated at 1MW of power (4,000 individual panels). This is the largest of its kind in Leeeuwarden, and aside from the awesome facilities means that De Centrale is truly sustainable.

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