Top spot: De Zwette (business park)

for entrepreneurs

You won't find a better business park in Leeuwarden, that's for sure! Whether you're looking to locate a call-centre, clothes shop, or building business, there is something for everyone. Perhaps, for example, you'd like a top business location in the middle of nature, but with the city centre close by? Somewhere that you can run a business surrounded by water and greenery, but with a strong link to national transport connections? Then De Zwette is most certainly for you.

The biggest businesses in Friesland - SPACE

On the western side of the city you'll find the largest business park in Friesland: De Zwette. With both businesses and retail, the park has six 'zones', and plenty of room. In total, there are more than 150 shops and around 200 businesses in De Zwette, who are active in all sorts of sectors. Think of building yards, bathroom suppliers, furniture makers; automotive businesses; but also service-led companies, such as accountants, insurers; builders and architects, sports centres and education centres. All of these find their place at De Zwette.

What makes De Zwette such an interesting location for your business? Well, firstly, it's outstanding connections to the national transport network. The business and shopping park is located directly on the N31 (Drachten-Zurich), and right next to the A32 (Meppel-Leeuwarden). Within half an hour you can be driving over the Afsluitdijk: maybe sooner. Another reason to choose De Zwette is its surroundings of green and water. And thanks to a carousel of consumers and customers visiting every day, De Zwette is full of life day in, day out.

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