Top spot: The Energy Campus

for entrepreneurs

Leeuwarden is a community that is always innovating. You can see this in the growing cohort of research institutions, new places to eat and drink, and our ever-stronger economic infrastructure. Within the field of sustainability, too, Leeuwarden is flourishing, working towards beomcing the 'City of Water Technology', and with the building of the EnergieCampus, there is more space than ever to innovate in our city.

The energy of tomorrow - sustainable entrepreneurship

In recent years, energy and energy use have become hot topics in Leeuwarden. Accordingly, the municipality and both Koninklijke Oosterhof Holman and Ekwadraat thought it high time to bring about a campus where knowledge, research, and action can come together. This has resulted in the development of the EnergieCampus, and in so building it is hoped that solutions can be found to meet the energy requirements of the future. All of this occurs in the West of Leeuwarden at the Schenkenschans. Earlier, the site was used for landfill, but it is now a centre for sustainability.

Although the EnergieCampus Leeuwarden is a private initiative by Koninklijke Oosterhof Holman, each and every space is for co-working and sharing of knowledge. The motto is as follows: together, with everyone. For those interested in participating in the campus, there is just one rule: following the principle of 'sustainable business'. If you and your business also subscribe to this principle, then the EnergieCampus provides an exceptional chance for you! The EnergieCampus itself will be self-supplied by green energy, and even provide sustainable energy for around 4,000 households: solar power is leading this charge. Aside from this, the campus is easily connected to the N31, and is in the vicinity of the Van Harnixmakanaal- so making sustainable waterborne transport very much available.

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