Top spot: De Hemrik

for entrepreneurs

Fancy coming to join us? Convinced of Leeuwarden's possibilities? Then you'll be delighted to learn about the various business spaces the city has to offer. Take, for example, De Hemrik: an absolute favourite location where a large number of businesses make themselves at home. And that's not for nothing, De Hemrik prides itself on excellent facilities, a feeling of buzzing activity, and an outstanding location.

A healthy mix of businesses - our business climate

With an overall size of around 230 hectares, De Hemrik is one of the most extensive business terrains availabls in the city. The location, which includes rolling on/off loading facilities that particularly benefit waterborne transport, is on the eastern side of the city. It is surrounded by industry, crafters, wholesalers; and garages. De Hemrik is home to around 380 businesses, including the well-known building supplier Gamma. Other names you might recognise include Bo-Rent, Makro, and Praxis. It's not only big names that settle at De Hemrik, either, with a healthy number of small and medium-sized enterprises also going about their work here.

Why De Hemrik? Aside from low rents, the great climate, and the many consumers that visit the terrain daily, it is exceptionally well-located. In no time, you can access the A32 (Meppel-Leeuwarden). We know how important it is that your living and working spaces are easily connected, and in no time you can be in the city centre of Leeuwarden, or one of the young neighbourhoods of Goutum, Hempens, or Zuidenburen.

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