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We understand that business people look for places to establish themselves where there is ample room, and you feel welcome. Where everything is available, there are sufficient supplies of skilled workers, and where there are all the utilities a company could need. Aside from this, we also appreciate the importance of having a local government that thinks like you do.

So, welcome to Leeuwarden. We value you as an entrepreneur, will help you find the best location for your business, and make sure that you and your employees feel at home as soon as possible. We think with you, look along with you for opportunities to develop, so that we can both take advantage of all possible chances.

More opportunities come from working together. Therefore, we want to collaborate with you! We organise regular meetings and symposia as the local government so that we can meet with you and introduce you to everyone else in the Leeuwarden business ecosystem, including other businesspeople in various sectors. Before you know it, you'll be entering into fruitful partnerships with people you'd never have expected!

In Leeuwarden, we love entrepreneurship and business, in fact, we help it happen.

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