For businesspeople and companies that want to innovate, Leeuwarden is the perfect spot. There is a strong economic infrastructure, education from MBO to PhD level, and an unmatched range of knowledge in all kinds of sectors.

And, to add to this, the city is bringing forward the EnergieCampus, WaterCampus and Dairy Campus, which will form three varied centres for knowledge and research around the questions of sustainability, water and dairy technology. Experts, researchers, startups, and hundreds of businesses from around the world come to these campuses to collaborate, think of solutions, and build prototypes.

These campuses are also always in consultation with the other two campuses in the city. Firstly, the Kenniscampus, a collective area with technical universities, student housing, and recreational space. The second is in the very centre of the city: Campus Fryslân, a constituent faculty of the University of Groningen, which will in a short time also be producing academics to augment the already-large talent pool.

So much knowledge and technology, and a collaboration between the government, businesses, and education- Leeuwarden is very much multi-faceted. Here, innovations for the future are made.

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