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It has taken a few centuries to occur, but Friesland again has university-level teaching! At the Campus Fryslân, a constituent faculty of the University of Groningen, there's room for around 1,000 students.

Campus Fryslân is located in the historic Beursgebouw, which sits on a prominent elevated square in the centre of Leeuwarden. Previously, it was a libaray, but after a ground-up restoration the campus is now a sort-of building within a building. All of the existing outer features have been preserved, and retain the allure of a 19th Century neo-classic trading centre, whilst the interior reveals itself as a cutting-edge educational building. It was held, and expected, that during the rebuilding all existing classical elements would be emphasised: and so the floor-to-ceiling windows still flood the interior with light, the original entrance has been preserved, and the monumental columns, facades, and ceilings have been left intact.

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The campus is also designed for a future where energy is a huge asset. It is one of the first educational buildings that operates completely without using gas, and all lighting is LED. On the roof, 362 solar panels have been fitted, and two ground-source heat pumps have been added, which stretch down to 160 metres below the ground.

With regards to aesthetics and sustainability, the Leeuwarder Campus comes out highly, and this extends to the interior. The building has over 5,500 square metres of space over four floors; including 12 education rooms and a huge modular auditorium- meaning there is space for a huge range of activities. There is also a Living Lab, where students will be stimulated to make prototypes for testing, this has come about thanks to a strong focus on innovation and experimentation.

In the end, around 1,000 students will work on their Bachelor's, Master's and PhD Degrees across a number of disciplines. Courses like Global Responsibility & Leadership, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and Water Technology make Campus Fryslân an educational institution for the future. Free-to-enter talks, readings, and lectures couple the Campus with wider society, whilst its focus on the economic sectors of the future and focus on innovation connect Campus Fryslân to business. It truly is a local faculty that stands side-by-side with other world-class educational facilities.

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