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You'll find the peak of the Dutch dairy industry in Leeuwarden: at the Dairy Campus. This is the dairy institute for research, innovation, and education: and draws upon centuries of experience. The rich economic history of the city began with the agricultural sector- but this stereotypical image of Friesland is not the whole story: our healthy economy is built on more than just butter, cheese, and milk. In this sector, we are both the past, and thanks to our largest innovations, the future too.

Welcome to the Dairy Valley - agricultural talent

Leeuwarden functions as the agricultural capital of the Netherlands, the so-called 'Dairy Valley'. It is, therefore, not strange that we want to share our agricultural talents with the next generation. The Dairy Campus is an initiative by Wageningen University & Research, and offers places to MBO, HBO, and WO students. Here, students are invited to take part in internship projects, practical demonstrations, and post-study internships. In these inspiring surroundings, researchers, businesses, and education come together to work on all manner of challenges that the sector must face. Dairy Campus wants to actively involve students and the world of business, through innovative activities, and so become the breeding pond for young talent.

The Dairy Campus is, aside from being a top-line knowledge and research centre, also a world-wide meeting place for agri-business and farming. Just in the Netherlands, around 70 businesses already work together with the Dairy Campus- it's an inspirational place for everyone in the dairy sector to work and think. The campus is situated in around 300 hectares of grounds, and is home to around 500 cows. They are not just there for milk, but rather to provide researchers with data so that they can bring forward new developments.

The international dairy market is in flux, making for new opportunities and chances for growth. Opportunities where the Dairy Campus can play a strong role: in the realms of food-security, animal well-being, the environment; and protecting the natural landscape- where requirements from consumers and governments are becoming more important. These are questions that must be met with innovation, and Dairy Campus is the international centre where research, innovation, education; and knowledge sharing from across the whole dairy supply chain come together. The ambition is for Dairy Campus to become the 'Silicon Valley' for the whole dairy sector.

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