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For businesses that innovate and research, Leeuwarden is something of a haven. The city is top of the league in terms of dairy, financial services, and water technology. We don't shy away from challenges- in fact we enjoy nothing more! It isn't strange, then, that Energiecampus is itself working towards solutions for complex questions around energy and sustainability. Our air is clean, and we want to keep it that way.

Work, experiment, and relax - sustainability takes many forms

We don't just speak about being sustainable, we do it: that's the reason why Energiecampus is situated in Leeuwarden. Though it's still in construction, the campus will be the home for a large range of research and knowledge institutions. You'll find all sorts of sustainable energy producers, innovative start-ups, and more. For all of them, working hand in hand with knowledge institutions is of the utmost importance.

The Energiecampus lies just to the west of the city centre, and is easily accessible thanks to its connections to the N31 road and the Harinxmakanaal. The 48-hectare campus has been built on top of a former rubbish dump, De Schenkenschans. Soon, it will be a place for working, experimenting, and relaxing.

A solar park of around 1.2 hectares will make sure that it's not only the Energiecampus that's powered by green energy; more than 4,000 households in Leeuwarden will also benefit. Thanks to widescale landscaping, the area around the campus will be filled with spaces for recreation- adding a new green border to the city. Aside from this, the former dump will have a new, lightweight, and circularly-built centre, called the Energie Kenniscentrum Leeuwarden. And, even better, there's still more space! The range of plots available is wide, with enough space for sustiainable businesses and organisations that think in the same way. Energiecampus Leeuwarden is the place for the entrepreneurs, businesses, and knowledge institutions of the future.

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