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If you travel into the city of Leeuwarden, you can't miss the signs. Every sign that says 'Welcome to Leeuwarden' has had a recent addition: another sign saying 'Capital of Water Technology'. Leeuwarden has taken a nationally and internationally important place in the realm of water: namely water technology.​

A unique relationship with water - world-class

It's not that odd. Leeuwarden has always had a strong bond with water: many centuries ago the city stood upon three artificial dwelling mounds, in an inlet of the Middelsee. The residents found success in both ship-building and fishing- but water has always played an even more important role than that. Dykes, sluices and lakes cover the Frisian landscape, and define it. It must be kept at a distance, and it must be kept at the right level; we must clean it, and we want to use it for recreation, and of course there must be enough of it to drink. As the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden must always keep up good relations with the waters that surround it.

But, back to the Water Campus, a place where there is a huge amount of knowledge made and shared. It is a collaboration between various government and research institutions, all clothed by an instantly-recognisable building. It is the Dutch national centre for the water-sector, where hard work comes hand-in-hand with collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This, we feel, is the way to find solutions to water problems on a global scale.

Water Campus Leeuwarden has the best water-related courses and research institutes to be found anywhere in the Netherlands. From teenage through to academic education, students are well-schooled in all of the most important questions in the sector. With all of this knwoledge, Water Campus is the perfect place to situate your water-tech company and watch it grow. The Water Campus helps businesses with support in coaching, use of laboratories, its international network, and finding funding.

Multiple start-ups are coming to the campus, such as Fleet Cleaner, for example. This innovative company won the 2018 Maritime Innovation Award. We could continue with more and more example, but the message is clear: for everything water-related, there's no place like Leeuwarden.

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