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In Friesland, both land-use and livestock farming have historical importance. The agricultural sector in the province has always been pioneering, and continues to be so. Whenever you leave the city, you'll quickly find yourself surrounded by sweeping meadows: the Frisian landscape is almost always visible in the province. Logical, since the agrofood sector is one of the most important drivers for Frisian exports. Leeuwarden sees itself as the agricultural capital of the Netherlands.

Landscape and livestock - agriculture

A big player in the agricultural sector is the Dairy Valley, where all parts of the dairy supply chain come together. In the Netherlands alone, around 70 businesses work together in the chain. Next to businesses, research institutes also work around the clock: whilst education and the government are also very much involved in Dairy Valley. Together, they are making space for the future- a future with healthy and sustainably-produced foodstuffs. This is very much required, because through population growth, and lack of soil nutrients, the world-wide food system is coming under pressure. Therefore, the city feels it is important to support institutions like the Dairy Valley, so they can keep innovating.

In the realms of innovation, Dairy Valley does not work alone. Within the supply chain, partnerships have been developed with Wageningen University- meaning that the Valley is very much a knowledge and research centre. Because the demand for dairy is continuing to increase, the Valley feels that now is the time to invest in future solutions. Not only in production capacity, but also in knowledge and training. A part of this is the Dairy Campus- a testing bed for innovative dairy farming. It is an inspiring surrounding for the development of knowledge into a sustainable dairy sector. The questions of future-proofing dairy gives Leeuwarden the chance to become a world centre for Dairy production and development.

We have seen the importance of feeding the world with healthy and sustainable foodstuffs. Dairy plays an important role within this- and the production of and knowledge around agrofood has propelled the Netherlands onto the world stage, with Friesland as its centre. Innovation and sustainability are making sure that it stays this way!

In Leeuwarden, we are working together to bring about a healthier and more sustainable world. Together, we are working on the future.

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