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The city centre of Leeuwarden is full of financial employers; the Frisian capital stands nationally in the top-10 cities for financial jobs, and companies such as Achmea, ING, AEGON; and the CJIB are situated here. The business service industry is clearly important for the city, so much so that whenever you visit the city you can't miss the giant Achmeatoren in the skyline.

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Because these businesses have such a big role in the life of the city, Leeuwarden has grown a culture of customer service, and service provision. Our customer service staff are known in general as being trustworthy, concerned with client happiness, and friendly. People are motivated and very much 'in touch' with their business- and they take their work seriously. This interest and loyalty that the staff can bring is expressed quietly: 'less talking and more doing' is a Frisian saying. This underscored our working mentality.

In Leeuwarden there is a large selection of potential employees, a good supply of people who are educated to HBO or MBO level, and around 1,500 students in the city are in the process of doing a commercial or communications course. The students here have grown up in a world of social media, and have the essential skills required for working in the client-service world.

Businesses such as ING, Achmea, Cendris, and AEGON have good contact with eachother, and stand open for collaboration and mutual strengthening. There are also several platforms for business services in the city, such as the Financieel Zakelijke Dienstverlening, that is used to bring together vacancies and talented job seekers.

This has improved labour mobility, but another goal is to bring different groups together, so that new trends and developments can be considered. Together, we know more, and together we achieve more. The city is enormously interested in developments in business services.

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