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Cultural tourism is an imporant economic sector for the city of Leeuwarden. During the Cultural Capital year in 2018, the city stood as a year-long celebration of culture. Both culture from the 'mienskip', and culture of the people. The selection was enormous, and the best initiatives were supported. We want this culture to stay in the city: innovative music, art, theatre; and much more. Therefore, the city is stimulating creative makers and thinkers into continuing to do exceptional things. A result of this is that both residents and visitors are continuing to be fascinated by the blooming of the city.

A Cultural Capital - 2018

Just to return to the year as Capital of Culture: the city was already used to setting up big events- like Serious Request and The Passion. These have attracted tens of thousands of visitors, and millions of viewers: sometimes in one day. Giants wandered through the city, a theatrical spectacular was put on, with hundreds of Frisian horses in a starring roll. You'll see on our calling-card, in big letters, the words: 'In Leeuwarden, everything is possible'. Really- everything!

Culture is an attractive proposition. It lives, it sings, it colours and it enriches. After the cultural boost of 2018, culture it still at the fore of Leeuwarder life. For example: the Tryater puts on incredible theatre productions in the most random of places. The public can find themselves in the oldest theatre in Friesland, but could also find themselves in desolate and isolated meadows. A true attraction in Leeuwarden is the Fries Museum, which gets visitor numbers that other museums can only dream of. It puts on exhibitions about M.C. Escher and Mata Hari (both from Leeuwarden), but also about the world of modern art: with Phantom Limb. In summer time, the Groene Ster- just outside of the city- is home to a number of festivals. For example, take Psy-Fi: a festival that attracts thens of thousands of visitors from around the world. Or, how about Welcome to the Village: a theatre and music festival that also acts as a test-village for new research and developments. These are just a pair of examples, culture bursts through in Leeuwarden. Tourists stay discovering- there is always something new- and Leeuwarden lives.

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