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Digitalisation plays an important role in our society and economy. It lets us reach a point where we can 'green' our industry, keep healthcare accessible and affordable, and get access to more products than ever before online. Friesland is cogniscent of this fast-growing digitalisation, and has therefore positioned itself in the middle of the Dutch digital economy. Through continuous investment and our own digitalisation, we will continue to strengthen this position.

With digitalisation, cyber-threats grow and technology become faster and smarter. As part of this, cyber-safety also becomes more and more important. In the Northern Netherlands there are significant numbers of companies and institutions in this field, which makes it unique in the Netherlands. Through the growth of the Northern Digital economy, we are creating opportunities for more safety and preparedness in the cyber-world, so that businesses and citizens are more savvy online. Businesses, the government, and institutions are investing in digitalisation, and together we are creating a safer digital ecosystem.

Cyber Safety Noord-Nederland is the biggest cyber safety centre of expertise in Friesland. The goal of the foundation is to minimise the threats posed online to companies and organisations. The foundation was set up in Groningen, and now has a working partnership with Friesland, so that knowledge of and research into cyber safety can be strengthened. The partnership between the two provinces has formed the stepping-off-point for the opening of the Cyber Secutiry Expertise Centrum Noord in 2020. The ambition is that the centre, which will have bases in both Groningen and Friesland, will grow to become an important national centre for cyber safety.

In order to create more jobs in the region, the Cyber Security Centrum Noord Nederland will work with the IT Academy on a learning trajectory. People who already have some experience in the field of work will be schooled into security professionals. The organisations would like to keep more talented employees in the North, so that they can help with growing questions and problems in the cyber security world.

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