Leeuwarden is working on becoming a sustainable and strong community. As a city, we see sustainability as a new development in society. An important development for the economy, nature and the environment; combined with new social and cultural aspects. We see, therefore, that making our working world more sustainable is hugely important. With new products and services, we hope to be a leading city in this respect.

Innovating - creativity

In time, we want to be non-dependent on fossil fuels, for example oil and gas- that's our dream, or our dot on the horizon. It is not only an advantage for Leeuwarden, but for us all. In previous years the city has had great results in the realms of sustainability: for example the 'Slim Wonen' initiative. A digital energy information point that helps homeowners all the way through the process of making their homes energy-neutral.

Another well-regarded project is the Energiecampus Leeuwarden. Formally a dump, it is being transformed into a knowledge centre for energy, as part of a sustainable Energiecampus. This will, in the long-term, be completely self sufficient for energy, and even better will be able to provide 4,000 households in the city with green energy, warmth, and light. The Energiecampus has room for large numbers of knowledge institutions, as well as 'cleantech' businesses, who can share their expertise and combine for experiments, product development, and bringing new discoveries to market. With the coming of the Energiecampus the city of Leeuwarden will gain an upgrade to its milieu, with a new park providing green space and hundreds of colourful flowers. A place that was previously seen as grey and empty, will bloom.

All in all, Leeuwarden faces large challenges, as does the rest of the world. Therefore, we must throw all caution to the wind. Sustainable energy required trust and change from everyone. As a city, we have chosen to approach our end-goal from a realistic perspective. As a series of small steps that we can set in place- and that require ambition and for everyone to join in. All of those small steps will come together to create a giant leap forward. Together, we will make a sustainable future a reality.

Our strengths - driving sectors

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