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With the Water Campus, Leeuwarden has become the European Capital of Water Technology. The campus is a place where innovation, research, and (international) knowledge works together. This international collaboration leads to knowledge, talent, and entrepreneurship: all centred around WaterCampus' focus on world-wide water problems. At the campus there are already 24 startups, and 5 new businesses set in place. Water is an exceptionally important resource for everyone- naturally, we can't live without it. Therefore, it is required that as a city, Leeuwarden supports institutions such as the WaterCampus

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© Daniel Hartog
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Water Campus Leeuwarden hosts a number of knowledge and research institutions, who together work to innovate in the field of Water Technology. One of the many initiatives by the Water Campus is Wetsus: the world's largest water-technology university. Wetsus aims to bring about revolutionary and sustainable innovation: for example Blue Energy, where the flow of both salt and fresh water is harnessed. The research programme at Wetsus is led by around 50 professors from both inside and outside the Netherlands- this is unique. What is also unique is the link between research and business: top-level research is linked to questions posed by the market. In this manner, business and research support each other.

Another collaborative project by the Water Campus is the Water Alliance. The Alliance brings water-technology start ups and innovation to the market. Its activities include matching international demand to research, and assisting with marketing and match-making. An example of this is the Innofest project: an innovation stimulus programme that has set up eight festivals as 'living labs'. During these, issues around water, foodstuff, logistics; energy, and waste are approached in real-world situations. In short: the perfect surroundings to test out new innovations. The development of new technology takes place at SaltTech: a Frisian businesses that has brought forward several successful initiatives, such as desalination of water through natural processes. All institutions that are working on water are bonded to eachother: collaboration is the key to the best innovations.

From this, significant research is done, knowledge is linked to the market, and everyone can test the results. Leeuwarden innovates. This is truly a city of water.

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